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Yellow Curry Beef

What I am about to put before you isn’t really a recipe.  Rather, it is an illustration of just how easy it is to eat Paleo or low carb.  Well, it may be a little more tedious for you if … Continue reading

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Garlic-Chili Chicken

Have I mentioned that Dana Carpender is my favorite low-carb cookbook author?  The problem is now that I’ve gone Paleo a bunch of her recipes don’t work for me anymore.  One of my favorites is Chili-Lime Chicken.  It was sooo … Continue reading

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Nancy’s Quick and Easy Spinach

I can’t promise that I will try this one.  I am not a huge fan of frozen spinach, but I hear tell this recipe is a winner. Anything with butter has to be good, right?!?  What I like about this … Continue reading

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George Stella’s Meat Lasagna

If you live a low carb life and you don’t have a George Stella cookbook, you really don’t know what you are missing.  My favorite is Livin’ Low Carb, which happens to be the book this recipe comes from.  This … Continue reading

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