Garlic-Chili Chicken

Have I mentioned that Dana Carpender is my favorite low-carb cookbook author?  The problem is now that I’ve gone Paleo a bunch of her recipes don’t work for me anymore.  One of my favorites is Chili-Lime Chicken.  It was sooo tasty, but it also had Splenda and soy sauce.  I also didn’t like grating ginger  huge pain in the rump.  So I paleofied this recipe below.  Note that the original recipe had lime juice, but I didn’t have any.  It actually tastes fine without it so I won’t bother with it any more and have excluded it from this recipe.


4 chicken leg quarters (from a free range chicken, of course)

1 t powdered ginger

1 T chili-garlic sauce

3 T local honey (Be careful.  So much of what is sold in stores as “honey” is in fact not honey.  Get local and you will be good.)

2 cloves garlic, chopped

1/4 c coconut aminos

Mix all but the chicken up in a bowl.  Put the chicken in a gallon size ziplock.  Let them marinate all day.

When it’s time to cook, pre-heat the oven to 375.  Cook for 45 minutes on a broiler pan.

Here’s what it looked like before it went in to the oven.

That little guy on the back right is mine.  I like it hot!

Here is what it looks like when it’s done.

Notice the missing leg?  Sorry, but I couldn’t wait to eat.  Pictures can wait.  And boy howdy were this good!  I had mine with a side of collard greens from my CSA share this week.

You could still make this if you are on Atkins, as it’s not like you are eating all of the honey.  It’s in the marinade, so most of it stays in the bag.  If you are paranoid about it, you could sub Splenda for the honey.

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I’m from the government and I’m hear to help

When you hear those words, you need to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction. Every time.

Recently the Institue of Medicine came out with a report on obesity and what to do about it.  You can read about it here.  The most frightening part of the report is recommending government action to combat the problem.  One of their prime “solutions” to the problem is taxing sugary sodas at a penny per ounce.  So you your Big Gulp of toxic HFCS would now be 44 cents more expensive.  Really?  44 cents is going to disuade somebody from drinking their liquid crack?  I do not like it when the government gets involved with taxing things to alter behavior.  For one thing, those dummies blame fat for cardiovascular disease, so what is to stop them from imposing a tax on fat as well?  Impossible, you say?  Ask your favorite Dutchman how impossible that is.  The thing is, that the government has been so wrong every since the McGovern Commission came out with their misguided guidelines, I really don’t want them taxing anything to alter my behavior.

That brings me to another interesting aspect of the article I linked to above.  It gives the stat that adult obesity has more than doubled since 1980.  Hmmmmm.  Doesn’t that coincide with the government’s recommendation to eat more hearthealthywholegrain (it has morphed in to one word)?  Could it be that their advice to eat less and move more was incorrect from the start?  But you will never see them admit they were wrong.  They have 30 plus years invested in giving us this wrong-headed advice to eat foods that spike insulin and make you eat more.

Something else you won’t see them do is stop the madness with subsidies to Big Ag.  Ever wonder why it’s cheaper to buy a twinkie than it is to buy real food at the farmer’s market? Its because the crap that is in the twinkie is subsidized heavily by the government (and therefore your tax dollars) so the manufacturer doesn’t pay the real cost for the ingredients (wheat and HFCS).  That means they can pass those lower costs to the consumer.  You want to fix the obesity epidemic?  Easy.  Get the government out of the subsidy and advice business and let people make their own choices.

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Low Carb Cruise

It has been kind of a tough week for me, blog reader wise, because all of my favorite bloggers are on a low carb cruise.  I really want to go on that cruise one year, but alas, they do it in May when my kids are still in school.  Bummer.

Every other year or so, however, my family goes on a cruise.  In the past it has been a 4 day cruise from Galveston to Mexico and back.  One port of call.  The last go ’round was during my first year of being on Atkins.  Surprisingly, I was a pretty good boy for the first half.  But that damned chocolate molten cake stared at me at dinner every night. On day three, the bastard got the best of me.  That set in motion an avalanche of bad behavior.  All of a sudden all kinds of gluten and sugar laden stuff went down my pie whole.  This in spite of how bloated I felt.  Ugh.  Why can’t I just enjoy the cake, take in the flavor but also witness the bloating that comes with it and just say no the rest of the cruise?

Recently I read this article about a study that most people thought they put on more weight on a two week cruise than they do during Christmas.  Crickey!  The results showed that most people put on a pound a day during a two week cruise, coming back a stone heavier than when they left.  I have no idea how much a stone is, but it sounds like a lot.  I assume it’s 14 lbs if I did my math correctly.  I wonder if it actually not much more.  I put on 7 pounds just in the two days of eating like crack addict at an all you can smoke buffet. Of course a bunch of that was water, so maybe if I kept it up, it would have averaged out to a pound a day.  Who knows.  It is even so bad, they article says, that many boats now have tailors on board to let out the waist line as people get bigger on the boat.  Sheesh!

This year will be a much bigger challenge, as it is going to be a 7 day cruise.  I am super excited about it.  Don’t get me wrong.  But I have to have a better plan.  One thing that will be different is that I am now living a paleo lifestyle which opens up a wider array of food for me to eat.  The thing about a cruise is that you don’t HAVE to eat like crap.  There is such a wide variety all day long.  They have some wonderful fresh fruit and veggies.  All day salad bars and plenty o meat.  I think one thing I will do this year is take pictures of every meal.  And then post them here when I return.  Knowing that I will have to be accountable to you, my dear readers, will hopefully keep me away from all that toxic goodness.  Well…..I may have one serving of chocolate molten cake.  Who knows.  What do you think?  To cake or not to cake?

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Why take meds for BP?

So I’m at the doctor waiting in him to look at my shoulders. They’ve been hurt since an unfortunate snatch incident in January (weight lifting you perv). Anyway, the did the routine BP check and I got the best reading yet! It was 112/70. In my heavier, sicker days it was more like 160/110. I did that all by eating a healthy low carb way and without meds. Sorry big pharma, who needs ya? Wish my doc would take notice, but he’s on the payroll of a huge hospital and has a different master than drug free health.
Just got the bad news. Possible rotator cuff injury. MRI scheduled for later. Puke. Damn that snatch!

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Still eating margarine?

I admit, Country Crock does have a nice buttery flavor.  But then I have to ask myself, if buttery flavor is what I want, why not just eat butter?  I don’t go buy steak flavored stuff if I want to eat steak, do I?  Anyway, when you read the history of how we came to eat this fakery, it really helps you get off the fake, manufactured stuff.  Read this article and then go throw your tubs of fakeness away.

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Nancy’s Quick and Easy Spinach

I can’t promise that I will try this one.  I am not a huge fan of frozen spinach, but I hear tell this recipe is a winner. Anything with butter has to be good, right?!?  What I like about this recipe is it is fast and worry free.  Something important to a lady like Nancy, because she has 3 kids, with two of them being infants!  It goes to show you that low carb doesn’t have to be as complicated as some folks make it out to believe.  There ARE convenience options for low carb, just without all the nasty chemicals you get in a TV dinner.  Nancy is one of my Atkins “buddies.”  She has been a low carber for going on two years with great success!  Hats off to Nancy!


1 small onion chopped

3 T butter

10 oz package of frozen spinach


Chop 1 small onion into microwave-proof tupperware or glass dish, add 1 tbsp butter, and microwave on high for about 4 minutes, until the onion is cooked and the edges are browning. Add a 10 oz package of frozen spinach and microwave on high for about 12 minutes (My microwave is 800w) until cooked. Drain off any excess liquid, and stir in another tbsp or two of butter. Season to taste. Makes 4 servings @ 2.4NC per serving.

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11 Dieting Mistakes (and those made by stupid news articles)

Today there was an article on listing the 11 dieting mistakes many people make. While I agree with some of what they said, much of it is just regurgitating CW that will actually have the opposite effect intended. Below I break it down for you:

1. You eat fake foods

Agreed. This is a problem. Your body wants only one thing from you. Just. Eat. Real. Food. I don’t care if it is some “low carb” shake or bar (sorry Atkins), you don’t need to be eating all that fakery. Bottom line: if it has ingredients that sound like 10th grade chemistry class, don’t eat it. You hated that class for a reason. Why continue the experiments on yourself?

The article says opt for “more filling options…” such as “..serving of plain nonfat Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries.” Really Fox News? Get over your lipophobia. Fat will keep you fuller longer. If you must eat dairy, please eat full fat. Thank me later.

2. You burn the midnight oil

This is so true. I agree with everything the article says on this subject, but I will define a little more. When you skimp on sleep, your body gets stressed. When your body gets stressed, you have elevated cortisol levels which leads to you not losing weight. As usual, your mama knew what she was talking about. Now get to bed!

3. You exercise too much

Home run again! Stop trying to be the biggest loser. You don’t have the time to exercise six hours a day like those nut cases, and you are actually doing yourself harm. Again, chronic exercising creates stress in your body which will release cortisol and have the opposite effect. My crossfit instructor is trying to get me to up my attendance. I already go thrice a week, which is probably too much since I do an at-home work out on Saturday’s too. But I just like them. They are fun. I will not increase my frequency, though. Sorry Mike. I know it would be nice to make some more money, but my body says “hell no!”

The article correctly says you should spend 80% of your time on diet (preferably paleo/primal). Sounds like I’ve heard that suggestion before, huh, Mark Sisson.

4. You always choose the salad

The second sentence in this section made me spit coffee through my nose. Note to self….don’t drink coffee while reading CW nutritional advice. “Salads may not contain enough carbohydrates to help control hunger hormones…” WTF?!? Hey dipstuff, lots of carbohydrates will spike insulin, leading to a crash and guess what? HUNGER! What a dummy. They go on to suggest “…a healthy soup and sandwich instead, or tossing a serving of brown rice, lentils, or garbanzo beans into your greens.” To quote the great philosopher, Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon!” The bread in the sandwich and the carbs in the rice will have your tummy crying uncle in about two hours. I have another suggestion. Add more veggies to the salad for the fiber and then throw on some MEAT! The fattier the better. That’s some real satiety and it will help you get through to dinner. The article goes on to warn agains adding blue cheese dressing because of the calories. Pshaw! If dairy is your thing, add the freaking blue cheese. That would be better than the french or catalina with all their sugar. Dairy is not my thing (as I suspect it isn’t for most people whether they want to face that fact or not), so I opt for vinegar and oil.

5. You’re a high-calorie health nut

This section cautions against eating too many nuts as a snack. They say it for calorie reasons. While it is true you can un-knowingly get too many calories mindlessly chomping on nuts, I hate to give the calories in/calories out dogma too much credit. Another reason to watch the nuts (that’s what she said) is because it will jack your omega 6/omega 3 ratios. I think that is a much better reason to be careful with the nuts (that’s what HE said). Sorry. Bevis took over my keyboard for a minute.

6. You eat too early

I tend to agree with this. But I think for slightly different reasons. You see, when you eat like a caveman, your body will tell you when it is hungry. And when it does, you are free to eat. However, people tend to eat at 6 because that is when they have always eaten. If you aren’t hungry then, don’t eat. You might not get hungry until 9. That is a-ok. Wait until 9. But if you are hungry at 6, then eat at 6. If you get hungry later, make a snack (I like a handful of macademia nuts because they have a better omega 3 profile than other nuts).

7. You’re a loner

I absolutely agree with this. Support is crucial. Get it at home. If you can’t get it there, get it on-line. I love my little group. Come and say hi if you need some support. Here is a link to our thread. Bottom line is this: there will be times you will struggle. It is nice to have a shoulder to cry on or to talk you off the ledge. The nice thing about paleo/low carb, is that over time your cravings will subside and it won’t be nearly as hard. But that is when you can start helping others and pay it forward. I hate that term. Why did I just say it?!?

8. You never snack

Whatever. I don’t buy the CW stuff about having to snack between meals to keep the metabolism going. Do you think our hunter/gatherer ancestors always had a bag of snackwells with them in between hunts? They went for periods of time without food. So can you. Back to what I said earlier….if you are hungry, eat. If not, then don’t eat. It’s that simple. Why do we have to complicate things?

9. You don’t have a diary

I whole-heartedly agree with this suggestion. At first, tracking your food is great for several reasons. 1. It keeps you accountable. 2. It helps you learn what carbs are in what amounts of real food. 3. Tracking metrics is necessary in any successful endeavor. I don’t track any more. But then again, I have done this for more that two years and I’ve lost my weight. I got it down. If you are just starting, tracking is key. I used It is free, can be set to track net carbs and has free iPhone and Android apps. Go set up your account now!

10. You don’t like water

I agree with this mistake but not for the reasons they do. Remember, don’t get too torqued about calories unless you are running in to loss problems. If you are losing, your calories are fine. If you aren’t drinking water, you are probably drinking copious amounts of diet soda. Did you know artificial sweeteners can spike your insulin too? Yup. Also, if you are swilling Diet Dr. Pepper, you are not breaking your sweet tooth. You need to pull that mofo, which means you need to quit feeding your inner cookie monster with sweets, even if they are “no carb.”

11. You skip breakfast

Again, there is something to be said about a nice intermittent fast every now and then. I always default to if you are not hungry, don’t eat. It’s ok. You will be all right. That being said, if you are hungry in the morning, make damn sure you eat some breaky, mmkay? If you don’t, when you get to the office and your cube mate brings in Shipley’s you are likely to cave and eat that bread fried in fake oil. Just sayin’.

Some of these tips were helpful, but I just get so tired of all the CW spewing out of the lame stream media. Do some research and use your God-given brain and you will be ok.


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