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Atkins Frozen Meals….The Review!

Well, gang, today is 12/12/12.  The last time in your lifetime to see a date like that.  So let’s celebrate a last with a first.  The first time Atkins has come out with some frozen meals. I received my review … Continue reading

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Yellow Curry Beef

What I am about to put before you isn’t really a recipe.  Rather, it is an illustration of just how easy it is to eat Paleo or low carb.  Well, it may be a little more tedious for you if … Continue reading

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Still eating margarine?

I admit, Country Crock does have a nice buttery flavor.  But then I have to ask myself, if buttery flavor is what I want, why not just eat butter?  I don’t go buy steak flavored stuff if I want to … Continue reading

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Conventional Wisdom Wrong Again….Shocking!

Well, another piece of conventional wisdom bites the dust…thank God.  Here is an article showing how the common belief that salt is bad is wrong. Not only are there only small improvements in blood pressure (1% for healthy people … Continue reading

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Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken

Man o man was this good. I’ve had a real problem with my new recipes lately in that I get so excited to eat I forget to take a picture! You really should make this soon, especially if you’re a … Continue reading

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Overweight Man Sues White Castle…Really?!?

In this story we learn about a 290 pound guy who is suing White Castle because he doesn’t fit in their booths because of his girth.  I remember well the days when sitting in a booth was uncomfortable because my wheat … Continue reading

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Creamy Ro-tel Chicken

Saw this posted on the Atkins Forums by LiRoGe88. Sounds fantastic! 1 pound boneless/skinless chicken breasts(abt 3 in a package) 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 can Rotel brand tomatoes with green chilis (the chopped, not whole kind) 4 ounces cream … Continue reading

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