I firmly believe that the low carb life is truly the way we are made to live.  All of this processed, easily digestible junk that man has created in no way is as healthy and tasty as what God has made for us.  Saturated fat and meat are not the enemy.  Processed carbs are.  This blog is dedicated to promoting the low carb life and making life easier for those wise enough to live it.  It is filled with the collective recipes from my friends over at atkins.com as well as with my thoughts on living low carb.  I am also dedicating this site to equipping my fellow low-carbers with information and commentary to help them spread the word on the awesome-ness that is the low carb life!

So what is a Hoo?  Well, a Hoo is a student or alum of the best University on Earth!  THE University of Virginia.  A hokie is our lesser cousin, Virginia Tech.  I included them in the title of this blog because, after all, a hokie is a castrated turkey.  Everybody knows that turkey is a good, no carb source of lean protein and very tasty!


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