11 Dieting Mistakes (and those made by stupid news articles)

Today there was an article on foxnews.com listing the 11 dieting mistakes many people make. While I agree with some of what they said, much of it is just regurgitating CW that will actually have the opposite effect intended. Below I break it down for you:

1. You eat fake foods

Agreed. This is a problem. Your body wants only one thing from you. Just. Eat. Real. Food. I don’t care if it is some “low carb” shake or bar (sorry Atkins), you don’t need to be eating all that fakery. Bottom line: if it has ingredients that sound like 10th grade chemistry class, don’t eat it. You hated that class for a reason. Why continue the experiments on yourself?

The article says opt for “more filling options…” such as “..serving of plain nonfat Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries.” Really Fox News? Get over your lipophobia. Fat will keep you fuller longer. If you must eat dairy, please eat full fat. Thank me later.

2. You burn the midnight oil

This is so true. I agree with everything the article says on this subject, but I will define a little more. When you skimp on sleep, your body gets stressed. When your body gets stressed, you have elevated cortisol levels which leads to you not losing weight. As usual, your mama knew what she was talking about. Now get to bed!

3. You exercise too much

Home run again! Stop trying to be the biggest loser. You don’t have the time to exercise six hours a day like those nut cases, and you are actually doing yourself harm. Again, chronic exercising creates stress in your body which will release cortisol and have the opposite effect. My crossfit instructor is trying to get me to up my attendance. I already go thrice a week, which is probably too much since I do an at-home work out on Saturday’s too. But I just like them. They are fun. I will not increase my frequency, though. Sorry Mike. I know it would be nice to make some more money, but my body says “hell no!”

The article correctly says you should spend 80% of your time on diet (preferably paleo/primal). Sounds like I’ve heard that suggestion before, huh, Mark Sisson.

4. You always choose the salad

The second sentence in this section made me spit coffee through my nose. Note to self….don’t drink coffee while reading CW nutritional advice. “Salads may not contain enough carbohydrates to help control hunger hormones…” WTF?!? Hey dipstuff, lots of carbohydrates will spike insulin, leading to a crash and guess what? HUNGER! What a dummy. They go on to suggest “…a healthy soup and sandwich instead, or tossing a serving of brown rice, lentils, or garbanzo beans into your greens.” To quote the great philosopher, Bugs Bunny, “what a maroon!” The bread in the sandwich and the carbs in the rice will have your tummy crying uncle in about two hours. I have another suggestion. Add more veggies to the salad for the fiber and then throw on some MEAT! The fattier the better. That’s some real satiety and it will help you get through to dinner. The article goes on to warn agains adding blue cheese dressing because of the calories. Pshaw! If dairy is your thing, add the freaking blue cheese. That would be better than the french or catalina with all their sugar. Dairy is not my thing (as I suspect it isn’t for most people whether they want to face that fact or not), so I opt for vinegar and oil.

5. You’re a high-calorie health nut

This section cautions against eating too many nuts as a snack. They say it for calorie reasons. While it is true you can un-knowingly get too many calories mindlessly chomping on nuts, I hate to give the calories in/calories out dogma too much credit. Another reason to watch the nuts (that’s what she said) is because it will jack your omega 6/omega 3 ratios. I think that is a much better reason to be careful with the nuts (that’s what HE said). Sorry. Bevis took over my keyboard for a minute.

6. You eat too early

I tend to agree with this. But I think for slightly different reasons. You see, when you eat like a caveman, your body will tell you when it is hungry. And when it does, you are free to eat. However, people tend to eat at 6 because that is when they have always eaten. If you aren’t hungry then, don’t eat. You might not get hungry until 9. That is a-ok. Wait until 9. But if you are hungry at 6, then eat at 6. If you get hungry later, make a snack (I like a handful of macademia nuts because they have a better omega 3 profile than other nuts).

7. You’re a loner

I absolutely agree with this. Support is crucial. Get it at home. If you can’t get it there, get it on-line. I love my little atkins.com group. Come and say hi if you need some support. Here is a link to our thread. Bottom line is this: there will be times you will struggle. It is nice to have a shoulder to cry on or to talk you off the ledge. The nice thing about paleo/low carb, is that over time your cravings will subside and it won’t be nearly as hard. But that is when you can start helping others and pay it forward. I hate that term. Why did I just say it?!?

8. You never snack

Whatever. I don’t buy the CW stuff about having to snack between meals to keep the metabolism going. Do you think our hunter/gatherer ancestors always had a bag of snackwells with them in between hunts? They went for periods of time without food. So can you. Back to what I said earlier….if you are hungry, eat. If not, then don’t eat. It’s that simple. Why do we have to complicate things?

9. You don’t have a diary

I whole-heartedly agree with this suggestion. At first, tracking your food is great for several reasons. 1. It keeps you accountable. 2. It helps you learn what carbs are in what amounts of real food. 3. Tracking metrics is necessary in any successful endeavor. I don’t track any more. But then again, I have done this for more that two years and I’ve lost my weight. I got it down. If you are just starting, tracking is key. I used fatsecret.com. It is free, can be set to track net carbs and has free iPhone and Android apps. Go set up your account now!

10. You don’t like water

I agree with this mistake but not for the reasons they do. Remember, don’t get too torqued about calories unless you are running in to loss problems. If you are losing, your calories are fine. If you aren’t drinking water, you are probably drinking copious amounts of diet soda. Did you know artificial sweeteners can spike your insulin too? Yup. Also, if you are swilling Diet Dr. Pepper, you are not breaking your sweet tooth. You need to pull that mofo, which means you need to quit feeding your inner cookie monster with sweets, even if they are “no carb.”

11. You skip breakfast

Again, there is something to be said about a nice intermittent fast every now and then. I always default to if you are not hungry, don’t eat. It’s ok. You will be all right. That being said, if you are hungry in the morning, make damn sure you eat some breaky, mmkay? If you don’t, when you get to the office and your cube mate brings in Shipley’s you are likely to cave and eat that bread fried in fake oil. Just sayin’.

Some of these tips were helpful, but I just get so tired of all the CW spewing out of the lame stream media. Do some research and use your God-given brain and you will be ok.


About wahoowa96

I am a low carb fan and have been for over a year now. Before I discovered this way of eating, I was pre-diabetic, had off the charts cholesterol and high blood pressure. With no meds, all of that stuff is normal now. Thank you so much, Dr. Atkins, for showing me such a wonderful way of eating that is delicious, satisfying and healthy! Even if you don't struggle with your weight, I highly recommend you taking on the low carb way of life. The health benefits to doing so are legion! I have a beautiful wife and two of the most adorable children a dad could ask for.
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2 Responses to 11 Dieting Mistakes (and those made by stupid news articles)

  1. Janet says:

    Nice post, Brandon! After years of following my doctor’s advice, I became a rebel and followed Dr. Atkins. At age 66, I’m slimmer and healthier than I was in my 20s. I hope those who write those empty-headed articles without a nod to science will listen to you!!!!

    • wahoowa96 says:

      Thanks for the comment, Janet! It would be nice if the media would consider alternatives. I will say this: I have seen a few low carb docs on Fox and Friends over the years. Wish they would have more.

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