Mom’s Herb Crusted Pork

Herb Crusted Pork Loin

My mom made this for Easter today. It was so good and moist. Why is pork associated with Easter anyway. Did some early Christian say “Oh boy! We can eat pork now. Let’s pig out on Easter!”. Who knows.

4 lb boneless pork loin
1 t salt
4 T olive oil
2 T Dijon mustard
8 cloves garlic, minced
4 t minced fresh thyme
4 t minced fresh basil
Black pepper

Put fresh ground black pepper all over the loin. Mix the remaining ingredients in a bowl. Massage mix all over the loin. Put the loin on a rack in a roasting pan. Roast pork @ 475 for thirty minutes. Reduce heat to 400 and cook until roast reaches 145 degrees (it was 20 min for us). If you’re scared of undercooked pork, don’t be. It will continue to cook while you let it rest. Plus, despite what you’ve heard, it’s perfectly safe to eat medium rare pork.

About wahoowa96

I am a low carb fan and have been for over a year now. Before I discovered this way of eating, I was pre-diabetic, had off the charts cholesterol and high blood pressure. With no meds, all of that stuff is normal now. Thank you so much, Dr. Atkins, for showing me such a wonderful way of eating that is delicious, satisfying and healthy! Even if you don't struggle with your weight, I highly recommend you taking on the low carb way of life. The health benefits to doing so are legion! I have a beautiful wife and two of the most adorable children a dad could ask for.
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2 Responses to Mom’s Herb Crusted Pork

  1. PrimalJoe says:

    That looks pretty darned good actually, I am going to have to try that myself. I’m actually a big fan of pork. Tell your mother she made one delicious looking dish!

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