Jimmy Moore Rocks

Many thanks to one of my favorite bloggers and pod-casters, Jimmy Moore, from Livin’ la Vida Low Carb, for mentioning me on his 50 blogs post today.  If you don’t know of him (which would surprise the heck out of me – he’s a low carb rock star), you really need to check his site and his pod casts out.  I have learned some much from them.  If you happened upon my little blog by clicking on the link on his page, welcome to my corner of the net.  I can be a little strange, but hopefully you won’t mind.  The recipes on this site are a mix of recipes passed on to me from friends and some I came up with on my own.  If you have any recipes you would like to share, send me the details and I’ll post it, or if you have your own blog where you keep the recipe, send me the link and I will post that.

In the end, I just want to be a soldier in the good health army and help to make this lifestyle easier by spreading information and good recipes to all who are interested.  Happy surfing!

About wahoowa96

I am a low carb fan and have been for over a year now. Before I discovered this way of eating, I was pre-diabetic, had off the charts cholesterol and high blood pressure. With no meds, all of that stuff is normal now. Thank you so much, Dr. Atkins, for showing me such a wonderful way of eating that is delicious, satisfying and healthy! Even if you don't struggle with your weight, I highly recommend you taking on the low carb way of life. The health benefits to doing so are legion! I have a beautiful wife and two of the most adorable children a dad could ask for.
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One Response to Jimmy Moore Rocks

  1. buttoni says:

    Hey, Congratulations on making Jimmy’s list! I joined his forums and Low Carb Friends forums as well. You’re adding some great things to your website! Keep up the good work here! Isn’t coconut flour fun to experiment with? I find myself adding a tiny bit to most of my baked goods now, for texture and bulking. Hope you’re doing well on your low-carbing!

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