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Coffee Cup Molten Chocolate Cake

Holy cow! This is sooo good and really satisfied your sweet tooth. Just use granular Splenda instead of sugar. Oh yeah, don’t divide among two cups. Who are you kidding. You’re gonna eat it all. Advertisements

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Melissa’s Minestrone Soup

Melissa is our science teacher friend, but chemistry must be her specialty based on how she mixed up some changes to low carb an Italian favorite. Who needs beans or noodles anyway? They don’t really bring any flavor to the … Continue reading

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Jackboots in the Cafeteria

Chicken nuggets are more healthy than a turkey sandwich! WHAT?!? Well, it seems as if the government jackboots aren’t just for the IRS and TSA anymore.  Now this isn’t a Federal problem (but give it time) but it is disgusting … Continue reading

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Jimmy Moore Rocks

Many thanks to one of my favorite bloggers and pod-casters, Jimmy Moore, from Livin’ la Vida Low Carb, for mentioning me on his 50 blogs post today.  If you don’t know of him (which would surprise the heck out of … Continue reading

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You Say tomato, I say….

Well here’s a cute little article about a little girl making taking action to make change.  While the change isn’t going to cause the Israelis and Palestinians to get a long, it is cool to see somebody realizing their power … Continue reading

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