Wheat is murder?!?

This makes two things that I have stolen from Tom Naughton today.  If you don’t know who Mr. Naughton is, you should really check out his excellent documentary, Fat Head.  This is the movie that goes on to show what an idiot Morgan Spurlock is.  Anyway, I read an interview of Mr. Naughton the other day where he coined the phrase that is the title of this post.  It is also very appropriate for the blog post he shared on facebook today.

Click here to read the blog.  In a nutshell, the post goes on to demonstrate how when people, in the form of over-bearing, do-good organizations like governments and the United Nations, will always screw up trying to improve on what God has made.  God made the cattle of the land to graze on the grass.  We remove the cattle because we want to blame God’s creation for blight on the land.  What happens?  The grasslands turn to wasteland.  Now, put the cattle back on the land, let them graze in natural patterns, and the land becomes bountiful and beautiful again.  Hmmmm.  Imagine that.  Yet another reason to dis-trust the “authorities” who want to tell me to eat more grain.  Their very guidelines not only kill me, but they kill the Earth as well.


About wahoowa96

I am a low carb fan and have been for over a year now. Before I discovered this way of eating, I was pre-diabetic, had off the charts cholesterol and high blood pressure. With no meds, all of that stuff is normal now. Thank you so much, Dr. Atkins, for showing me such a wonderful way of eating that is delicious, satisfying and healthy! Even if you don't struggle with your weight, I highly recommend you taking on the low carb way of life. The health benefits to doing so are legion! I have a beautiful wife and two of the most adorable children a dad could ask for.
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